This is so welcomed. The other day, as I listened to the most recent Counter Culture episode, I was like "I wonder what stuff Jasmine loves to consume." And here you are with a list of cool stuff and people. Also, can I just say I am so excited for the Energy Fasting content and can't wait to hear more about it. As a fellow 3/5 Generator with the Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love 3, it has taken me awhile to realise how sacred my body is. So, after a few people mentioned breathwork, I finally gave it a go and my oh my...my body is thanking me for it. So yeah, Energy Fasting sounds right up this girl's alley!

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Omg how affirming! Thank you ☺️ I absolutely love sharing the things I’m consuming especially as a Closed Taste 3/5. I’m incredibly selective which keeps me healthy so when I find things I adore, you better believe I wanna share it.

And breathwork is everything. I’m so excited to share Energy Fasting. We’ll soon be releasing a little taste and can’t wait to hear your experience. x

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