Introducing- Epiphany vol. 1



Epiphany, an in house support channel for Erah Society.

When Erah first came to me, it arrived very visually (inner vision). I jumped on Pinterest right away, in full body response mode.

By the end of my hours-long pinning frenzy, I knew this was more than I had initially envisioned.

Erah Society- a mood.

There were lounges, saunas, gardens, libraries, fireplaces, and streams.

Spaces to gather, nourish, contemplate & play.

To sit alone or together, to clear & create.

To envision the future of humanity.

To restore purpose, prosperity & personal well-being.

To become- a Renaissance Human.

For the past few months, I have been asked several times to create a communal space for Erah. You’re on the pulse, it’s coming.

In the meantime, luxuriate in this first volume of Epiphany. I answered questions sent in by creatives & entrepreneurs around ‘Creating Sustainable Content’. The kind of content that supports your energetic imprint. The kind of content that builds omnipresence. The kind of content that doesn’t sacrifice your well-being.

If you haven’t already, start with the Live Class on Anxiety Free Content Creation.

Then head back. Time stamps below.

Epiphany Vol. 1 Time Stamps:
8:47- Splenic Projector balancing creating in the moment & structure.
13:19- Selling with Calm digestion (Human Design determination).
20:22- Fear of success.
22:00- What to do if creating content feels draining.
30:48- Struggling to see & monetize gifts.
40:46- Creating healthy content as a Reflector type.
46:27- How to find ideas.
51:26- Content for little to no audience.
1:03:03- Projector type & self promotion.

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